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Lingopoly Kdo so oni? (learn Slovenian)
  • Lingopoly Kdo so oni? (learn Slovenian)

    Lingopoly is a fun board game for learning foreign languages (Slovene or English). With the help of various challenges, you will learn and consolidate vocabulary at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level.

    Proven educational methods are used in more than 24 games designed for all generations above the age of 4.

    The collection is suitable for self-studying, playing with friends and family, or for spending quality time on vacation or on the road.

    Lingopoly is a collection of games meant for everyone who wants to either learn a new language or perfect one you already know. The board game encourages creativity, suggests great starting points for discussions, helps you train your memory, and get to know your teammates. The games have been tried and tested and promote quick memorisation of new vocabulary.

    Lingopoly will become an essential tool for foreign language teachers, as it will help you create a relaxed atmosphere among your students and encourage spontaneous memorisation of new language in a fun and communicative way. 

    With the help of Lingopoly, your students will never get bored and will look forward to upcoming lessons.

    Lingopoly is a novelty on the market. It is also adapted for people with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and scotopic syndrome.


    The package contains:

    •   more than 340 cards with illustrations and words,

    • conversation questions

    • instructions for the games written in the manual

    • instructions are also presented in videos accessible with a unique QR code,

    • game accessories (cube, figurines, game board)


    The materials are useful for all learning types:

    • visible type (remember if we see),

    • auditory type (remember if we hear and pronounce)

    • kinesthetic (remember if we touch, move, or move).  


    Topics in Lingopoly 1 Who are they? / Who are they ?:

    • Description of the person

    • family and friends

    • relations

    • professions

    • adjectives

    • body and health

    • weather

    • clothes

    • colors

    • materials

    You will also find clues in the booklet for conversations on the topics covered in this package.

    Lingopoly helps you learn a language on several levels: vocabulary, grammar, oral expression, written expression.


    If you also have good ideas for playing Lingopoly, you can send us your ideas by e-mail and we will publish them on our website. We will also look forward to your experience using the Lingopoly package.

    We created Lingopoly:

    • Bojana Petkovič - author

    • Juan Juvančič - illustrator

    • Isabella Clara Riley - proofreading in English

    • Demian Makuc, Marklab - designing manuals

    • Anna Zorčec, Junikorn - designing manuals

    • Toys module - printing boxes and play mats

    • Gracer Printing House - printing cards and manuals

    • Kopitim printing house - printing external label

    • Orca Silveco printing house - interior label printing

    • Marko Lazić, Marklab - QR code

    • Marko Lazić and the Marklab team - presentation website with the portal 

    • Video presentation by Tim Pungrčar

    • Members of the Latin Society  - children and adults in a presentation video

    • Value Add Games - check the instructions

    • Bojana Petkovič, Karmen Mella, Darja Berkopec, Anja Petković Komel, Mirjana Petković, Marjan Petković, Igor Pigac, Luka Komel, Marko Berkopec (Peter Berkopec also kept us company) - packing in boxes

    We wish you plenty of fun and beautiful moments with Lingopoly!

      € 99,00Price
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